Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Leaving for Mazatlan tomorrow

Hey there,

So I'm leaving for Mazatlán tomorrow, to visit Nico for Carnaval. I can't believe four weeks have passed since I posted about this initially.

Check out that post for more info on how we met and all.

So since then I've been doing what I can to check out information on Mazatlán and it's carnival on social media, simultaneously realizing that I need to brush up on my Spanish, which I realized wasn't as rusty as I thought.
But otherwise, I'm really excited. Especially to get a chance to disconnect for the most part and just have a week off. I still need to make sure I update my mobile data plan just in case I decide to use my phone occasionally. And I will have my laptop, so will be tweeting and updating my Facebook status every now and then as well.

Maybe even a blog post or two, we'll see,

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