Sunday, February 24, 2013

More public art discovery in DC

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This post is a little belated, but just wanted to share a couple of more public art discoveries I made. This is the first follow-up to my last discovery, the New York Avenue Sculpture Project. And you can read more about what has inspired this "rediscovery", I should say, from my post, Ingress: Rediscovering my world through public art.

I touch on it in that last post, but just in case, i do acknowledge the fact that these discoveries are merely taking the time and energy to take a closer look at work that I've honestly driven by most of my adult life, to know its name and the artist behind it.

So with that, the first piece of this post is off of Georgia Ave, titled (Here I Stand) In the Spirit of Paul Robeson, by Allen Uzikee Nelson.

"This steel (possibly Cor-Ten steel) sculpture stands like a sign in the middle of the intersection. It rises upwards and opens up into a large face created with heavy African influences. Greenish glass frames the face. The artist describes it as a "Janus-face"."  

The other piece was A Survivor's Journey, by Joel Berger, in the Brookland area of DC.

Everyday in the District of Columbia, 76 calls are made to the police for help with domestic disputes and violence. The mural will raise awareness about domestic violence in our city, and spread a message of hope and healing.

So yeah, that's a couple of more new public art discoveries for me.

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