Friday, February 08, 2013

A day at Mazatlan's Professional School for Dance

Hey there,

So it's Day 2 in Mazatlan. It was Nico's final day of classes before they got off for Carnaval, so I went with him to class at the Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatl├ín, the Mazatl├ín Professional School of Dance.

As I mentioned in a previous post, with the support of the Municipal Government of Mazatlan, through the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art, the school was founded by the Delfos Contemporary Dance Company. All the company members teach classes, and the maestro of the class I got to sit in on was Omar Carrum.

The class was great. Particularly because despite not having studied spanish in over a decade, whatever I didn't understand verbally, I could still pick up through body language. Definitely inspired me to move again, once I get back to the states.

Fun fact, if you attended the Bates Dance Festival, in '07 or '10, you probably recognized the teacher's name, as Omar was one of the international visiting artists, those years.

Anyway, after class, we grabbed a quick snack.

And we returned in time to watch a Delfos Danza rehearsal, in one of the studios.

Afterward, the company members received feedback from a couple of people, including a guest choreographer.

Then Nico showed me other parts of the school. We got to the art studio in time to watch Delfos Danza company members working on some pieces, as part of an open class.

And then we made it up to the cinema room, for a presentation by students taking a music class. They demonstrated and shared what they learned about equalizing sound, and different tools to do so, from programs on a laptop to actual knobs on a monitor.

Then we stopped for a bite to eat, on the way back to Nico's place for the afternoon.

And that was day 2 in Mazatlan. Now I'm resting and relaxing before we go out for Carnaval festivities tonight!!

- JR

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