Friday, February 08, 2013

Coronation of the King of Joy at Mazatlan's Carnaval

Hey there,

So here's a post from last night's Carnaval experience. Mostly a photo narrative, again, hope you don't mind.

First we made our way to the beach and walked along it to get to the opening night festivities there. At this stage was the Coronation of the King of Joy.

The street was packed with people and vendors, selling food, wigs, lights, and drinks.

We were STARVING, so we stopped for some food.

I ended up getting two servings of two tacos each. They were delicious. And the beer helped wash it down perfectly.

We continued to walk around.

And I found just what I wanted for desert. Crepas...with Nutella.

They even had maple syrup as a topping option...and I had to try it. You can see mine on the left. Again...delicious.

We made our way to the stage, as Cristina Eustace was performing.

By the way, she old-school retweeted/mentioned me earlier:
So that was pretty neat. But I digress. Nico and I proceeded to grab one more drink and a table looking out over the party.

And then we called it a night.

To be continued,

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