Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I love having the window seat, when flying

Hey there,

So I'm finally in Mazatlan!! Currently waiting for Nico to teach his class and come back before wandering about, so taking the opportunity to catch up online, blog about my flight, and take a nap.

And I was particularly inspired to blog about my flight because I had a window seat, on both legs of my US Airways trip.

I ESPECIALLY loved it because I was right over the wing. And I wish I could've taken photos or videos of the take off and landing, but, you know, no electronics during take off and landing.

But once in the air, at least the times when I wasn't disco-napping from having stayed up all night to make sure I caught my flight, I was just fascinated by staring out the window.

Whether it was going over urban landscapes or just plains and hills and mountains, it became a game. How much could I infer about life on the ground from what I could barely make it. Did I see a mall and its parking lot, was that body of water being held back by a dam, and so on.

Until we got to the Gulf of California, aka the Sea of Cortez. And then my eyes just raced with the waves along the coastline, all the way to Mazatlan.

The other reason I love looking out the windows over the wings is because when I overthink it, it still boggles my mind just how amazing flight is, the ingenuity and mechanics that has brought the airline industry to where it is now.

Yeah, I know there are more leaps and bounds in innovation that can be made, but just the idea that humans evolved a concept to be able to take and combine various materials and manipulate air (air flow, air pressure, etc.) to be able to travel the way that we do, via airplane flight.

It's one of those moments that makes me feel like a kid again, in the very best way. Just being amazed at something wonderful, where your knowledge of it sits on the borderline of the understandable and the magical.

That's all. Now it's naptime. Gotta take it easy before Carnaval kicks off tomorrow!!

- JR

Update: Here's my blog post from day 1 in Mazatlan, walking around before the fiesta starts in the evening.
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