Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bookland in Brookland

And no, I'm not talking about Catholic University's Barnes & Noble that looks like it's getting close to opening.

I'm talking about Bookland (if you're on Foursquare, here's the page), studio of artist Caitlin Phillips. She's among a number of artists that have studios on the ground floor of the Monroe Street Market, a mixed use development. You can like them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Caitlin is a wonderful person I've had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know as I've become more active in the DC Burners community. And Bookland is home to Caitlin's shop, Rebound Designs.

Rebound Designs mission?
A second chance for well-loved books!
What does Caitlin mean by this? Well I'm not a fan of paraphrasing things when folks already say it so well themselves. So, from her Facebook page:
Rebound Designs is a novel approach to accessories. I combine rescued and discarded hardback books with beautiful fabrics to become functional, one of a kind Book Purses. Paperbacks are turned into durable wallets, vinyl covered, and lined with pages of the books. Book lovers, I’ve got you covered!
And if you're on Etsy, favorite her shop here.

Bookland is located at 716 Monroe St NE (right up the street from my place at the Brookland Artspace Lofts!!).

And you can also find Caitlin at Eastern Market on the weekends. You can find her Eastern Market Vendor page here.

Also (like I couldn't love her even more) she interviewed in 2009 on NPR's All Things Considered, Judging a Book (Bag) By Its Cover.

And the thing is, I have multiple book shelves in my library at home. I treasure books in their physical form, and before I knew Caitlin and what she does and WHY she does it, I probably would've had the same reactions others have undoubtedly had.

But when I think about how much the book is more of a reminder of its story after I've read it, rather than how much I've actually reread any of the books in my library, I have no doubt I will be going to Caitlin soon, to give my own books a second-life, instead of one that's just gathering dust on my shelves.

- JR aka Nexus