Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mazatlan Carnaval Night 2: The Plaza Machado

Hey there,

So night two at the Carnaval in Mazatlan was spent in the Plaza Machado, which took on a complete transformation with the night.

As usual, Nico and I were looking for a place to eat, and once again, there were plenty of vendors.

There were also bands, all over the place.

In fact, if you stood in certain areas, you could here two to three different ones at a time.

From groups wondering among the crowd to some who were stationed on stages.

We passed the status of Al Jolson, on our quest for food.

And found a place that was a combine art gallery/dining venue. I need to get the name of it from Nico.

It was packed with work on the walls, and even smaller pieces on each table.

We ended up ordering and splitting a great nachos dish.

And ventured back out into the Plaza Machado, as we made our way home.

Up next: day 3!!

- JR
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