Saturday, February 16, 2013

Behind the scenes of My Big Fat Gay Wedding

Hey there,

So just wanted to do a quick behind the scenes blog about tonight's Gay Men's Chorus of Washington concert, My Big Fat Gay Wedding.

It goes without saying that the title and topic itself is certainly relevant. Just search Google News for "gay marriage".

That aside, I got to sit in on last night's final dress rehearsal and loved the concert. It's a wonderful selection of showtunes, but hearing it performed by an all-male chorus certainly adds a different quality to most of them, like this selection from The King & I.

And although presented in concert format, with my fellow chorus brothers arranged in white chairs, as attendees to the actual wedding that will take place on stage, the order of the concert definitely gives an emotional narrative, if not a literal one.

In addition to full chorus numbers, there are a wonderful number of solos as well, including this patter number from Company.

The chorus also has a guest artist joining us for this concert, the vocally stunning Matt Alber.

I practically melted in my seat, when he ran through his first number. And he's very personable. After the dress rehearsal was finished, he shared a musical moment with us, which we got to capture through photos and videos. Here's mine.

So that's that. While I'm certainly stoked to be doing Xanadu, our other spring show coming up in March, I'm definitely bummed that I won't be joining my fellow GMCW chorines on stage for this concert.

If you are free tonight, I highly recommend you check it out, playing one night only at GW Lisner Auditorium, tonight at 8pm,

- JR
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