Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best wedding proposal ever & a question for the Arts

Hey there,

So several friends shared this video on Facebook, one which previously made its rounds, but has resurfaced, as such things often do online.

To which I shared with the following:
So thanks to Andrew, Salman, & Joe for sharing this video, which I also shared previously but couldn't help but watch again. Trying not to tear up from sheer and unbridled warm squishy feelings, mostly due to being able to hear her reaction to each addition to the experience. 
Also, the arts manager in me can't help but kick in and wonder if established arts organizations (in general) are missing a chance to be a part of crafting experiences like this, engaging & participatory, to bring the arts to people where they are, instead of just having audiences come to them? 
I am aware that I might also just be out of it, and this is being done more than I know, as well as that a proposal is a very singular example for a singular audience.
Don't get me wrong, I believe the theatre and the stage are a sacred place and will always have an essential and crucial part in my life and in society. But there's just something beautiful and magical about this...
At some point I wonder if it's an American thing, because in other countries I feel like you to have the dearth of citizens who proclaim themselves not artistic when interacting with someone who's pursued any semblance of an artistic life, whether professional, community, or whatever.

I refer to moments like when people find out I'm a dancer, and (as if to validate my own ability) they immediately testify to the lack of any ability to move rhythmically in a coordinated fashion.

But I digress. I love these instances of participatory and public art, like flash mobs. In fact you can check out my post from last month about Holiday Flash Mobs, with what I thought was a diverse selection.

Anyway, what do you think? Is there an opportunity for artists and arts organizations as a sector to help make those special moments in people's lives, those celebrations, that much more special? Or even to make the every day and mundane ones extraordinary?

And has it already been happening and (as I mentioned above) I just don't know? If that's the case, please help keep me updated and share any recent public displays of art.

Either way, I'm excited and inspired!! Definitely looking to see the opportunities in my own life to do things like this,

- JR
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