Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Flash Mobs

Hey there,

So I have to thank Azie for this post. I was inspired after she shared a vocal holiday flash mob and thought I'd look up some others.

I'm personally fascinated by flash mobs as an artist and arts administrator because, there's just something delightful to see these community (and sometimes commercial) acts of art in public spaces.

That being said, here are 12 videos to help count down the 12 days of Christmas.

And of course the first one I find is a dance one. Lovin' it.

And here's another dancing one, which happened at an airport I flew into this summer!!

And now something more song and less dance.

But now back to some more dance.

Did you see those kids rockin' the sprinkler? And now some adults doing a flash mob for their students.

And here's a flash mob that happened somewhere near my own stomping grounds of DC, at a mall in Columbia, MD.

And now a litte more song, again. This one's just adorable.

Back to more dance.

this one's from a dance and fitness studio.

and one in central park, another marketing one.

This one, a friend shared and it's pretty phenomenal, a Hanukkah flash mob in Israel.

Finally the one that started me on this journey, which Azie shared on Facebook:

So that's that. Do you have a favorite? Have you seen any others that you like?

Share 'em in the comments, and happy holidays!!

- JR
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