Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alicia Keys brought me back to my Disney Afternoons

Hey there,

So just wanted to blog about this really quick. Two friends of mine from St. Albans School shared this video on Facebook, which I promptly reshared upon viewing.

Alicia Keys did a rendition of a cartoon theme song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that completely flipped it, being both fun and beautiful at the same time. This cartoon theme song was one from a show that was part of The Disney Afternoon, a block of half-hour shows that I would argue remain the height of children's cartoon series.

It's all gone down-hill since then, but I'm probably just saying that because of my age.

So, here's the original opening of the Gummi Bears:

And here is Alicia Keys rendition of it, performed on Late Night this past November:

Wow...that's still all I have to say.

Out of curiosity, anyone have other covers of cartoon theme songs that were particularly moving or just surprising? Please share in the comments,

- JR
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