Sunday, December 02, 2012

Totally addicted to tech

Hey there,

Okay, so I realize the title might be a big vague. Let me just clear up any confusion as to what this post might be about. This is specifically regarding several...settings in which the seemingly irresistible urge to be on one's cell phone has come up in my own personal life (as far as observing others, not my own personal use) that I just had to share.

And these aren't in any particular order.

The first is, with men, the urinal.

Really guys?? C'mon can't wait to finish your business and wash your hands before you check Facebook?? I seriously don't anything is that urgent.

We survived before cell phones and social media long enough to take a wiz. I'm sure we can continue to do so.

The second is when working out. Okay, yes, fine. This is excluding the individuals who use the multimedia aspects of their mobile devices, regarding music and whatnot. But even then, shouldn't you already have a playlist ready to go?

I guess, what I'm really commenting on is when people start focusing on whatever they're doing on their smartphones, more than they're actually working out. I suspect many of them are falling victim to WWILF'ing, aka "what was I looking for"'s that phenomenon that happens when you start of by checking one thing, then see a post, or a link, or an article, and you click on that, and before you know it, your 10 clicks away from what you originally opened your browser or app for and you have no idea what it was anymore.

But hey, it's your time

The third and final thing, as a performer, is on stage. I did a production in which our stage mother had to yell at us after the first performance, because people pulled out their cell phones, on stage, in the middle of the show!!

Now there was a backdrop of sorts that was downstage of us, but when you're in almost complete black, cell phone screens are quite bright. And while there weren't any more illuminating incidents, one of the following shows another performer's phone went off IN THEIR POCKET!!

Thankfully, they were quick enough to hear it and almost unnoticeably turn it off. I mean, I'm sure none of the audience could see it from the house, but I'm sure you can imagine how jarring it was for the other performers around him.

Anyway, so it's all still relevant to the subject of the post. It's just having to do with how mobile technology has encroached upon certain areas of our life, in addictive ways, both perceived and actual.

I know I'm not the first to write about this, so I obviously encourage checking Google News for "addicted to tech" (which you can do by just clicking on the link). I'd also like to hear if anyone's had similar experience, either in the same environments or other ones.

Do you think we'll eventually balance this behavior out and see a decrease in incidents where our mobile devices don't distract us from what we're doing in the moment as much?

Curious mind wants to know,

- JR

P.S. Whether you did or did not get the song reference in the subject (although I changed a word), here's a music video:

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