Monday, December 24, 2012

Tracking Santa: A tale of two S.E.'s


I realize I kinda forced the reference in the subject, but just in case you were wondering what S.E. stood for, it stands for Search Engine. I pulled that from SEO (search engine optimization), but I realize search engines are not usually abbreviated

Anyway, just wanted to post about tracking Santa, and two options to do so. The first I came across was Google's Santa Tracker.

It's pretty cute, and even has some mini games, if you go to Santa's village. You can also catch Google Maps keeping track of Santa on Google+.

So I was curious about other Santa trackers out there, and came across a familiar one, Norad's Santa Tracker.

Yes, that video was from their YouTube channel. They've also got a Facebook page, and a handle on Twitter.

In looking up Santa trackers, I came across articles talking about this Norad using Bing instead of Google this year, for their mapping tracking. Here's a quote from the Telegraph:
Since 2004, Norad has been sharing its official government data online with the help of Google Earth and Google Maps, but this year the mapping software is being provided by Bing Maps.

"Norad and Google have decided to go their separate ways and pursue other opportunities,” said Michael Kucharek, a Norad spokesman. Read more
I also came across an article urging its readers to use one "service" over the other.  It starts off with "Every time you ignore Bing, an angel gets his wings…" (read more at Tech Crunch).

Either way, I have a feeling that whether your children and/or your inner child decides to track Santa, the best part about the internet (especially since multi-tabbed browsing came around), is that "All of the Above" means we don't necessarily have to choose one over the other.

However, if you do follow both, and notice any discrepancies in Santa's flight plan between the too, I'd just chalk it up to a little more holiday magic!!

Happy holidays,

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