Saturday, January 26, 2013

Singing at HRC's Out for Equality event: AMAZING!!

Hey there,

So I had mentioned in a previous post that the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington was performing at the Human Right Campaign's Out for Equality Inaugural Celebration.

It was amazing. We started off the evening with a flashmob-esque performance of the National Anthem. Then after one of our small ensembles performed, we wrapped up our set "Make Them Hear You" from Ragtime: The Musical.

Check out this clip of one of our small ensembles performing it in Denver this past summer, at Gala Choruses quadrennial festival. It's a clip of their entire set, but the song kicks it off

After we finished, the host for the evening, Ross Matthews kicked off the celebration. He brought up to stage our first round of political guests, Sen. Al Franken, Gov. Maggie Hassan, and Mayor Cory Booker, all phenomenal presences.

Tammy Baldwin also graced us with her presence. She was amazing.

After an interlude of music and dancing, another round of speakers came up, Rep. Sean Patrick MaloneyRep. Jared Polis, & Rep. Mark Takano.

It was particularly great seeing Rep. Mark Takano speak, being the first LGBT person of color in Congress, which the Advocate had a great piece on in November, as an LGBT person of color myself.

Ross Matthews then introduced the next musical guest for the evening, Frenchie Davis. After a couple of songs, she asked a selection of guys from GMCW to join her on stage for one final number, "Seasons of Love" from RENT.

There's my big chorus brother, Marcus, singing with her up front. And she was phenomenal!!

Anyway, appearances and singing aside, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of HRC's event celebrating President Barack Obama's second inauguration, with GMCW,

- JR
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