Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Twitter Tweekly Twednesday Twrap-up

Hey there,

So...yeah, that subject was a force. It sounded better in my head. That's it...just don't try to sat it out loud.

Anyway, this past week was so great on Twitter (and I really don't know what I even think that, because I don't even think I've had a "bad" week on Twitter), but I just wanted to share some of my highlights, ten to be exact.

Who knows, maybe this'll become a regular thing. I suppose part of why I'm doing this, is just to give myself a chance to reflect, but also to provide an example to some of my friends who still "don't get" Twitter, about how it's different from Facebook. More conversational, and more about connecting to people and organizations or companies you're not necessarily friends or family with.

So to kick it off, the first highlight was YMCA DC responding to my reply to their tweet asking the Twittersphere if we'd drank enough H2O, among other things.
And as the convo went on, I got retweeted by DC Tap.
I had a tweet favorited by Peter Marks!!
And I had an old school RT from the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
US Airways replied to a tweet I tagged them in, about my upcoming trip to Mexico:
And the Foundation Center DC gave me kudos for a blog post I did about several free classes of theirs I signed up for:
Lisner Auditorium expressed excitement for GMCW's spring show:
As did their ED, Maryann Lombardi:
And ending on a couple of personal notes, although there were a number of personal interactions over the week that were just as great, these are obviously in my mind as they are the most recent.

My theatre colleague and friend, Jon Jon, expressed gratitude for my live tweeting of tips from the Foundation Center DC this morning:
And finally, another theatre colleague tweeting me encouragement to work out, when I was having second thoughts:
So that's it. Let's see what the next week brings,


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