Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Top Tweeps according to Klout

Hey there,

These are my top tweeps.

This'll be oversimplified, but according to two simple paramaters: Klout and Tweeps I know IRL, these are my top Twitter Friends which I've met and know in real life:
  • Regina Holliday, I believe I met her at my first ever un-conference. She does wonderful work, as an artist, promoting patient rights within medicine. I recommend checking out her blog as well as following her on Twitter.
  • Farra Trompeter, I met at a workshop at the Foundation Center here in DC. She's VP at Big Duck, "smart communications for nonprofits".
  • Tom Goss, I actually met while sitting on a panel at the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities. And since then, I can't seem to stop running into him, as his music stands at the intersection of LGBT equality and arts.
  • Shawna, I met when I was a frehshman at GWU, fall of '99, and now she's a frickin' White House Producer at NBC News. And she's still down-to-earth-enough to connect with people like me on social media (luv ya)!!
And that actually is a pretty great reflection of my own way of life, an intersection of the arts, sex & sexuality, news, politics...and stuff.

Yeah, out of all of the people I follow on Twitter, if you were to follow any, follow these five. Because they're doing it right...whatever "it" is. :-D

Also, if you use Chrome, here's the Klout plug-in.

That is all,

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