Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thinking about going back to college

Hey there,

So just a quick blog, as I sit in my car waiting to do a site-visit at one of the schools my work has an after-school programin, courtesy of the Trawick Foundation, and their Team-Up grant program.

Maybe I just can't stay away from higher education. After all, I was only finished with my undergrad in Dance at UMD for two years before going back to grad school at American University for Arts Management.

Maybe it's my current work representing artists in and seeing them work in a large number of schools all around the metropolitan area.

Maybe, as much theatre as I've done, I haven't really taken a theatre class since high school.

Maybe it's the tremendous number of youth groups I've seen over the past three weeks, as part of this year's Intersections festival's youth summit, as well as a burning desire to work with any and all of them, as well as GMCW's own GenOUT program.

I know...most likely, it's some combination of all, but whatever the reason, I've come across Catholic University's M.A. in Theatre Education. And the more I think about it as possibility, the more it becomes a certainty, in terms of something I want to pursue.

Unfortunately an Arts Management M.A. is the terminal degree in the field, although maybe not for much longer. But this program, as well as my own circumstances living not even 5 blocks from the campus, make it an option I cannot ignore, and more and more, cannot stop thinking about. Because the more I think about it, the more it feels right.

I know, I'm basing my higher education pursuit on feeling. Might seem counterintuitive for some, but it's what actually got me back to school. After a year and a half of going to college after high school not knowing what I wanted to do, I took a break and went back because of how I felt about dance.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as rational as I am passionate. And because of that, I believe, should I get accepted, you might start seeing me blog about life back in school for Theatre Education come summer of 2013.

Would be curious to hear others' thoughts, as I continue to investigate and consider the practicality of taking this path.

- JR

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