Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't sync Twitter and Facebook, please


So I saw a friend's status update on Facebook. Then I saw underneath that it was posted by their handle on Twitter...

I'm going to publish my personal top 10 twitter tips in the next week or so, but in the meantime want to share a blog from Lisa Catto, "To sync or not to sync, it's not really a question". Here's an excerpt:
There has been a trend, and I notice is among authors especially (but that’s one of the few niche groups I follow), toward syncing Twitter and Facebook accounts so that when someone posts on Twitter it also shows up in the Facebook posts. Hey, I get why people do it. It’s convenient, post once, it hits two places. It’s easy. It’s automatic. You want to be using social media because everyone else is and you’re told
To read the rest of her blog, click here.

I would just like to say that I completely concur with her points, and I would just add, to reemphasize, with regard to syncing Facebook & Twitter: "Just say no".

This point actually came up in a webinar I took on the top 10 mistakes nonprofits make with Social Media, and one of them addressed automation. I won't rehash points made there and in Lisa's blog.

And most people are just using social media for personal use, not for a company or organization. But I would say that generally best practices for one are best practices for the other, and even though its on the interwebs, we use social media to connect to other people...more or less. And when an automatic status update via twitter is visible, it reminds us and removes us from that connection.

Sure, it seems like a small difference, but I believe it's enough. Anyway, would be curious what others think about this, and have to say on the topic.

- JR (Facebook | Twitter | Google +)
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