Monday, April 15, 2013

The Level One Agent Who Could

There once was a level one agent, 

Who didn’t quite know if he could.

And one day he made several new friends,

New friends who could help, and they would.

They'd help him explore DC places.

From portal to portal, they flew.

He learned to keep up with their paces.

With them, he would reach level two.

These new friends, they were blue and were green.

Together they found a new truth.

They would find both the seen and unseen.

They'd find a lost fountain of youth.

All together they opened locked doors,

With bonds from this new brotherhood.

But this agent, he learned one thing more:

With friends, he had learned that he could.

- JR aka AWayofLife0

P.S. By the end of the portal hunt, in that last picture, he reached Level 3!!
P.P.S. The fountain of youth refers to a Mickey Mouse water bottle he lost somewhere between the first and the second portal. One of our teammates retraced our steps and met us at the third portal with it.
P.P.P.S. This cross faction team was made up of:
  • Resistance - dustmachine, Scaevola, Wheatious, & zenmabel
  • Enlightened - AWayofLife0, GurlieBoi, & PraxisLoki
P.P.P.P.S. To clarify, the agent who started out at level one was Matt aka Scaevola. I reached Level 8 a month or so ago, but (even though we were on opposite factions) for the duration of the portal hunt, my fellow Enlightened operatives and I worked with Scaevola and the other Resistance agents to strategically build up and break down portals and resonators, as well as drop low-level items for his inventory.

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