Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Table for one

Hey there,

I'm sitting here at a table by myself. I had a craving for sushi, specifically the Japone Tempura Roll, which I actually had earlier this week already.

And I don't know if it was that today was my last day at Class Acts Arts, or that I had my Viral Marketing class tonight, or an audition for Keyvibe, or maybe some combination of all that and more, but on top of my dining craving, I suddenly realized I had a strong desire to dine alone.

Julius, an adorably sweet server, asked if I was looking for my friend. I said no, and proceeded to sit down and order. Sure I checked in on various social networks as is my habit, and started writing this. But when my food came, I put away my mobile device and devoted my attention to my food and myself. Yes, even when my phone beeped for my attention.

And it was good.

Just sitting alone with the food and my thoughts. Sure, I couldve done this at home. I suppose some might think it...a little off to go out and eat by oneself. And I certainly had the urge, a kind of social muscle memory, to find someone to join me.

But that goal seemed moot when the mere goal was to get something to eat.

Anyway, I digress. Is there anything you do to have some alone time, a place to eat, read, or maybe even just people watch? Or does the thought of alone time in a public place not appeal to you?

Curious mind wants to know. Please leave your thoughts in the comments,


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