Friday, May 25, 2012

6,000 tweets and counting

Hey there,

So this blog is kinda meta. This is about my 6,000th tweet.

This one here:

Not saying it's a big deal, but curiosity and google got the best of me, so I here are 6 links that have something to do with 6,000 tweets.

"So what holds that record? What great news event could be so important as to put the decade's biggest story in the shadows? Answer: New Year's Eve in Japan, which clocked in at more than 6,000 tweets per second."
"So what makes a moment worth tweeting about? The most tweeted moment in recent memory occurred earlier this month, when Apple Chairman and cultural icon Steve Jobs passed away. The site experienced traffic of more than 6,000 tweets per second, causing many users to notice system delays and slowness."
"By 5 p.m., #40dollars was trending worldwide, Schulman said, and the hashtag was generating about 6,000 tweets per hour."
Anyway, that's it. Anyone else notice significant milestones in the Twittersphere, whether it's this or another?

Also, hope everyone has a happy, safe holiday weekend,


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