Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st GMCW rehearsal for GALA 2012

Hey there,

So I just got home from the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington's first rehearsal for this year's GALA Choruses Festival.  As you might know, I've sung on and off with GMCW for the past several years or so. I missed the last GALA Festival, two years ago in Miami, and I'm very stoked to be able to attend this one.

This year, GMCW is participating in a new feature of this festival, this year: Coffee Concerts. As if the days weren't already jam packed with LGBT gatherings and music making, this will be an early morning offering, and we'll be performing in the first one, a piece called Alexander's House:
Alexander's House is an innovative, one-act musical that tells a heartfelt, funny and powerful story about family: the one we are born into, the one we choose, and the ties that bind them. Alexander, a gay man suddenly passes away leaving behind his two unreconciled worlds: his partner and friends, and his estranged son who finally meet at his summer home. The story explores finding truth in one's life and the empowerment that comes with self-knowledge.
It's weird, I haven't performed with the guys since February, but jumping into rehearsals today, it felt like no time had passed. The picture to the left, by the way, is from the most recent holiday show, Red & Greene (we performed with Ellen Greene); I'm in front, downstage almost center, with the white pants on.

But, anyway, being back with the guys...well it's like a family, a brotherhood. And I've started to get really excited about meeting all the other groups coming together from around the country and around the world, in some cases, in Denver.

And, yes, I'll be tweeting and blogging from there and probably well after, about the experience, the memories, and the connections made.

- JR 
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