Saturday, November 24, 2012

The lights flickered

Hey there,

This is another Ingress-related post. And as the title suggest, it had to do with lights flickering...traffic lights...flickering...

I'm not even sure if flicker is the right term. Regardless, here's what happened. I was driving to drop-off my roommate at work at the Brixton for his brunch shift. I recently recruited him to join the Enlightened faction and have been walking with him through training as well as some of my portal missions.

Anyway, we make this turn, and we're stopped at this light. The light turns green, as does the couple immediately after turns green just long enough for me (and the cars across the intersection from me) to release the brake pedal. And JUST as I'm about to step on the accelerator, the stop light and the two immediately after it suddenly change back to red.

Like, right away. No yellow, no flashing broken signal. The light turns back to red long enough for me to begin to ask "what the he-", and long enough for me to notice that immediately to my right, right at one of the corners of the intersection, is a portal that I upgraded and reinforced with shields only last night.

Just as I realized what we were next to, the lights turned back to green, and we were back on our way, like nothing had happened. I got my roommate to work, and headed home.

I'm sure there's some..."logical" and "rational" explanation involving a technical glitch that is more common than we think. But I couldn't help but wonder what was going on, if it might be related to Ingress and the Niantic Project? Did someone just attack a portal I claimed, or another Enlightened one near by? Is this only the tip of the iceberg regarding real-world manifestations of our struggle with the Resistance?

I hesitated to pull out my phone to check the Ingress "app", resting assured that should one of my resonators bite it, I would get an email notification in time to recharge and refortify the rest of them.

But I digress...just need to take this all day by day. And see what happens next.

- JR aka AWayofLife0, #TeamEnlightened #Enlighten DC

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