Friday, November 30, 2012

Laura Kumin is "Mother Would Know"

Hey there,

On Paper.Li, I've got weekly papers for every day of the week. Friday is "Friends Friday", and it's a collection of tweets from people I know by one degree, in real life.

So I thought I'd start a weekly blog highlighting a friend of mine, as well. And last week, I knew exactly who I'd start with: Laura Kumin.

My friend Liam was in town from Los Angeles. We met a decade ago (geez!!) at Montgomery College's, Summer Dinner Theatre program. And he is how I know Laura, his mother. Anyway, Liam's back in town, hits me up to catch up, and invites me over to kick off the evening with leftovers, a Thanksgiving sequel.

Now I have been familiar with his mother's cooking since we first met, it's always been delicious, and now she has her own blog, Mother Would Know. And I love her tagline: home cooking beats take out.

My plate barely had room to fit a little bit of all the dishes that were on the table, not all of which were hers, but most of them were. And she had several blog posts leading up to this Thanksgiving feast, both of which were still on the table the following night, Thanksgiving menu - Vegetarian alternatives and Thanksgiving - A tale of two chutneys.

And then there was dessert.

Okay, so that last one wasn't dessert. It was Liam, WITH dessert, attempting to the smallest slice of pie ever. And his sister in the background.

So, yes, delicious. Everything was delicious. I highly recommend keeping up with Laura, at Mother Would Know. You should also like her Facebook page, and/or follow her on Twitter and on Pinterest.

And, yeah, I will probably be blogging about both Liam and Eleanor for a Friends Friday post soon. They're both doing amazing work in their respective fields.

Until next time,


P.S. Eleanor, hope you don't mind I included this pic on my blog!! Let me know if you do. :-D
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