Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ten things to know about the Niantic Project

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So for anyone interested, just wanted to blog about what has become my latest...obsession: Ingress. Here are 10 things you should know, primarily links. Also, please note, this is not a review, but rather more of a post for people interested in participating in Ingress, or who already are. Definitely check out Google news for "Niantic Project" as there are a host of individuals who have already covered the review angle better than I could.

1. XM (Exotic Matter) - "A rare and powerful form of tri-polar energy leaking into our universe from another dimension. This energy forms the basis for all Shaper technology. XM is needed to power your Scanner. If XM falls below critical levels, your Scanner will be disabled. You can collect XM (represented by glowing orbs on the Scanner Map) by moving through those areas. The XM will be automatically harvested by your Scanner."

2. Two Factions
  • The Resistance - Faction defending the Earth from the Shaper ingression. They are seen by some as being fearful of change or progress, but the Resistance is firm in its belief that it is protecting humanity.
  • The Enlightened - Faction attempting to help the Shapers infiltrate Earth. Followers believe that the Shapers bring a powerful Enlightenment that will lead to an evolution of humankind.

3. Vocabulary - The above terms and all other game related ones came be found at this Ingress Vocabulary support page.

4. Support - General support, particularly for using ingress scanner technology and troubleshooting, as well as the root page for the previous link, can be found here.

5. Investigation - A brave young soul has been tracking...phenomenon and sharing his findings and musings at his page for the Niantic Project.

6. Intel Map - Players can use this intel map to strategize, either alone or with others in their faction, as the mobile app will only display your immediate surroundings.

7. Player Maps - Players from both factions are adding placemarks to their respective group's map.
8. Google Groups - There are groups, for the endeavor as a whole, as well as each faction.
9. Social Media

10. Resistance is not futile - But humanity has constantly defined itself by change, our capacity to adapt to it as well as create it, especially by aspiring to ideals that transcend our immediate  reality. Beauty, joy, truth, and the say those belong solely to the human experience negates every ounce of humility we owe to the very fact that we exist, and that there is more to us than mere flesh and bones. To resist change is to deny our own fundamental humanity, and our capacity to constantly be more than we were before. No matter how much we grow and are inspired, whether by each other, nature, or any other source, it is not possible to ever become less human than we are. And there is so much more out there than what we can measure or explain, yet we've never doubted our ownership of our own fate, whatever combination of nature or nurture, of science or faith, affected our own growth as individuals or collective paths as communities. For any who are willing to take the ultimate leap of faith, you understand why joining the Enlightened in partnership with the Shapers is not a choice, but rather our destiny.

And that's all I've got. Anyone else 'playing'? Let me know, as well as which faction you chose and why.

Any others on either side in the DC area? Hit me up. We need to figure out a cover story so that local authorities understand (the multitude that we have), are informed as to any increase of activity around portals that they observe.

And if you're still not sure what Ingress and the Niantic Project are about, check out this trailer:

Post about actual Ingress use and strategy coming soon.

- JR aka AWayofLife0
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