Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Ben Carson on bullets, bodies, and bereavement

So first a friend on Facebook shared this Gawker piece, which quoted Ben Carson as saying this during a Fox and Friends interview, on whether or not he'd visit the families of victims from the recent mass shooting in Oregon:
Probably not. I mean, I would probably have so many things on my agenda that I would go to the next one.


And then Facebook suggested checking out this Rolling Stone article, which quoted Ben Carson's view on gun control, which he shared on Facebook:
There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking, but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.

I think I just heard two nails in the coffin of his campaign. Yes, a rather dark metaphor considering the topic.

But I'd be surprised if he makes it much further, at this point.
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