Thursday, April 09, 2015

Verizon's in-store app hooked me

Hey there,

So I wanted to buy an extra portable charger for my SF trip and I barely step in the store, when I see a notification I'd never seen before pop up on my phone.

It's the Verizon one, in case you were wondering. Anyway, if you know me, you know how irresistible this is, so I click on it to see what happens.

That's pretty cool. I mean it's not like it didn't know where I was, anyway. And the handful of employees there were occupied, anyway. So I explore.

It's making this real easy. I walk around and find exactly what I'm looking for. And, as instructed, I can just scan and pay from my phone. So I scan.

And I pay. I actually need to enter my new credit card info, but in the time it takes an employee to ask if I found what I needed and walk with me to the counter, it's entered and I've completed my purchase.

I will say, I think that's the first time someone used the app at the store. When I told him I just bought the charger (the last one, I might add), he seemed to think that I had ordered it online for home delivery.

I show him the part where it says to show the receipt to someone before I leave, and after consulting with another employee, they realize that I have indeed just checked myself out for the product on the counter.

I coudn't help but think if they might've started wondering what this meant for their own job security.

One could only hope that it wouldn't, but I also realize I'm a bit naive when it comes to these kine of things.

But I the DIY consumer self was very pleased with how expedited technology made my shopping experience, especially as I was rushing on my way to the airport,

JR aka Nexus

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