Wednesday, April 08, 2015

My schedule for Burning Man's Global Leadership Conference

Hey there,

So I just wanted to share my schedule for Burning Man's Global Leadership Conference this weekend. I leave Thursday to get there a day before it starts. And I'm very excited for the seminars and workshops I registered for because they all seem to be at the intersection of where my life has been over the past several years, if not decade, of working and playing in the Washington Metropolitan arts community and scene.

  • Plenary Session 1: The Next Creative Renaissance, Busting it Out, Building it Up, Bringing it Home!
  • Plenary Session 2: Updates -- From the Desert to The World
  • Effective Leadership Skills in the Burnerverse (Breakout Session 1)
  • Giving Away Money: Art Grants, Community Grants and Walk the Talk Granting Process (Breakout Session 2)
  • Plenary Session 3: Keynote Talks
  • Leveraging Partnerships and Collaborations to Nurture your Organizations (Breakout Session 3)
  • Business 102: Corporate Governance (Breakout Session 4)
  • Unconference Session 1
  • Unconference Session 2
  • Plenary Session 4: Grant Making that Ignites the Network
  • Community Engagement: Case Studies on Engaging Communities through Art and Civic Participation (Breakout Session 5)
  • Future of the Maker Movement (Breakout Session 6)
  • Closing Plenary Session
Yes...I am very excited. I am looking forward to seeing what I can learn and bring back home to incorporate into my artistic and professional lives, especially if I get to share a bit at work at the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

I'm also hoping to share at the conference, during one of the two unconference sessions on Sunday. I plan on submitting a presentation on the Ten Principles )'( storytelling project I produced at Capital Fringe this past summer.

Ultimately, I am just very grateful to have been offered the opportunity, courtesy of the regional contacts in DC, and I am thankful to be at a point in my life where I have the resources to take advantage of it.

So, that being said, see you all on the flip side!!

JR aka Nexus
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