Thursday, January 30, 2014

City Paper's Best of D.C. 2014 & the arts

Hey there,

So I thought I'd just pull these out to save anyone interested the time of looking for the arts specific categories in the City Paper's Best of D.C. Reader's Poll!!

Here they are:

Arts & Entertainment

  • Best Art Class
  • Best Art Gallery
  • Best Arts and Culture Non-Profit
  • Best Arts Blog
  • Best Arts Festival
  • Best Commercial Art Gallery
  • Best Concert You've Seen in the Last Year
  • Best Cultural Festival
  • Best Dance Company
  • Best Emerging Theater Company
  • Best Exhibit
  • Best Festival
  • Best Film Festival
  • Best Go-Go Band
  • Best Graffiti
  • Best Mural
  • Best Jazz/Blues Venue
  • Best Local Band
  • Best Local Hip-Hop Artist
  • Best Museum off the Mall
  • Best Museum on the Mall
  • Best Music Festival
  • Best Music Venue
  • Best New Venue
  • Best Open Mic
  • Best Outdoor Venue
  • Best Performance Artist
  • Best Performing Arts Venue
  • Best Place to See Local Music
  • Best Play
  • Best Recording Studio
  • Best Singer
  • Best Theater Company
  • Best Theater Festival
  • Best Visual Artist

Goods & Services

  • Best Arts & Crafts Supply Store
  • Best Dance Class
  • Best Photographer

People & Places

  • Best Mix-Used Development
  • Best Non-Profit
  • Best Twitter Feed
Not comprehensive, and definitely subjective in terms of what's art, so I might have included some you wouldn't, and I might have omitted some you would've mentioned. Say so in the comments.

Also, some aren't explicitly "arts" (a.k.a. People & Places), but you could NOMINATE an arts related candidate.

And if anything, just go here and vote!!


P.S. If you'd like to share whom you've voted for and why, you are more than welcome to do so in the comments here :-)
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