Saturday, November 30, 2013

Why I would use the Google Wallet Card

Hey there,

So this post is somewhat of a cheat. A friend of mind posted about +Google Wallet card.

And so I went ahead and ordered my own.

After a quick identity verification, of course.

So I did some research, aka Google'ing, and came across this Forbes article about it, which I then posted to Facebook.
"The card, dubbed the Google Wallet Card, will be tied to a user's Google Wallet account, will have no monthly or annual fees and will be available free of charge." 
But obviously anything that's free comes at a price, in this case yet another set of data for Google to mine. The question is, do the pro's outweigh the con's? 
And yes, I already ordered mine. Not because I have an answer to the question, but I want to find out my own answer first hand :-)
To which a friend of mind still stated that he didn't know why anyone would use it, and just use your actual debit or credit card. Now I don't have it yet, so any answer to that is just speculation, and any reasons are personal. So I replied with this:

Honestly, the only answers I could give you...would be the same reason I use square's wallet at the coffee place right by my work, the three main reasons being: 
-I'd personally like to get to a point where I'm not carrying my credit card around at all, not that I'm prone to loosing my wallet, but in case it ever gets lost or stolen, there's a lot less work to deactivate a third-party card like this, than replacing your card as well as any payment accounts you have set up with it (for bills, utilities, etc.) 
-Less wear and tear on my actual card, which lets me use it longer, and prolongs having to get a new one, requiring going through the process of updating payment accounts
& last 
-fewer people are handling and have access to my actual credit and debit cards
So those are my personal reasons. Not major, life-changing ones, but enough to make me consider using something like this.
And those were just the ones I could think of, off the top of my head. Another benefit is an easier way of checking in on your purchase habits.

And being able to remotely disable the card or the app, which I already mentioned in my reply.

But I'm also really biased, and a bit of a Google fanboy/early adapter. Not as early as others, but for a casual user, I'd say I'm relatively on top of things.

So yeah, there's my reasons for being curious enough to check out using Google Wallet Card. What do you think?

- JR
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