Monday, July 01, 2013

Federal Furlough Fun on Facebook

Hey there,

So I realize some of you might be thinking what could possibly be fun about being affected by the Federal Furlough.

Well, one person decided that one way would be to start a Facebook group called "How I Spent My Furlough Day".

It's an open group, and this is part of what it's about:
This group was created to share stories, photos and reflections about how we spend our furlough days. It is a deliberate effort to bring a little laughter and levity to an otherwise difficult situation.
There's even an event on Monday, July 8th, the Federal Furlough Five Mile Fun Run for Freedom.

If you're around (and affected), definitely click on the link to RSVP on Facebook. And keep an eye out for any of your friends who might be affected, as there are a number of profile pics which were created and share to spread the word about the group and the event.

So check out and let me know what you think in the comments. Especially let me know if you plan on joining the group and even participating in the run. Would love to hear your story.

And if you have any other comments, even if just about the group in general (for better or for worse), please share.

- JR
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