Thursday, August 18, 2016

My NEXT Ten Favorite Burning Man Videos

Last year I shared my ten favorite Burning Man videos. With 10 days left until That Thing In The Desert, I thought I'd compile a list of 10 more!

So here they are, not in chronological order this time. And if you'd like to watch them all in a row, if you've got about an hour and two minutes, you can scroll straight to the bottom to view a single playlist of all 10.

Thought I'd start this out with the kids!


Followed by this one kid taking his parents. This is actually a trailer for a documentary.


Up next is THE stage for live music on the Playa, Crossroads!


Then check out a marching band that's out of this world.


Here's a performances at Glamcocks, one of the major camps in the Gayborhood.


And here's just a fun video of Burners dancing.

AND another fun video of Burners dancing.


For something different, this is Italian ice figure skater and Bonze medalist Carolina Kostner presenting a performance in memory of a friend who had passed.

This is a video from my second year at Burning Man, when I joined the Playa Choir. Watch from 10:45 to 14:45 for a pretty cool cover of "Defying Gravity".


And what would a list be without a video from Stefan Spins, as I wrap up this blog the way last year's started. Check out his video from last year.


And IF you'd like to see them all in a row (as mentioned at the top of the post), you can do so at this playlist below.

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