Thursday, May 05, 2016

FY 2017 Budget Report for the Commission on the Arts and Humanities

With reports being posted yesterday, I just wanted to pull out some highlights from the Committee on Finance and Revenue's Budget Report, related to the Commission on the Arts and Humanities:

I. Summary

D. Summary of Committee Budget Recommendations

Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Operating Budget Recommendations

The Committee recommends adoption of the Mayor’s FY 2017 budget for the Commission in the amount of $15,534,436, with the following changes:

  1. Increase Arts Building Communities by $3,000,000.
  2. Increase Arts Learning for Youth by $1,450,000.
  3. Increase Training and Employee Development by $30,000.
  4. Increase Legislative and Grants Management by $20,000.

Policy Recommendations

The Committee recommends the following policy changes:

  1. Provide updates to strategic and master plans.
  2. Improve coordination with the Department of General Services.
  3. Explore opportunities for jazz and the creative economy.
  4. Reinstate the dedicated funding source.

Capital Budget Recommendations

The Committee recommends adoption of the Mayor’s FY 2017 capital budget for the Commission of $0.

II. Agency Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Recommendations

A. Introduction

The Committee has and will continue to support the arts through the mission of the Commission on the Arts and Humanities. The Committee remains impressed by the efforts of the new leadership at the Commission. The Committee aims to provide additional funding to the arts so that the District may adequately assist all of those within our arts community.

B. Recommendations for New Budget Support Act Subtitles


a. Purpose, Effect, and Impact on Existing Law

This subtitle would fix the perpetual problem of funding for the arts in the District of Columbia. This subtitle, while subject to funding, would provide that one quarter of one percent out of the current 5.75% sales tax would be dedicated to funding CAH. This revenue, estimated at around $22 million this year, would be implicitly indexed to inflation. This is not a proposal to increase the sales tax, but rather to dedicate a portion of the current tax toward arts funding, as new revenue is identified in upcoming revenue estimates by the Chief Financial Officer

The source document for the Committee on Finance and Revenue Budget Report can be found here:
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