Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some #GivingTuesday Online Resources

With #GivingTuesday being a little less than three weeks away, thought I'd share some of the helpful resources that I've come across.

Here are some highlights from their website's Tools page:

  • Logos - This actually includes not just logos, but "save the date"s, like the image above.
  • Toolkits - A social media toolkit, a PR toolkit, and more
  • Ideas - Ideas for Nonprofits, ideas for businesses, you get the...idea. ;-)
One thing with the logo, they have one labeled as a customizable profile image, which (in a program as simple as Paint), I was able to do this with the logo of the nonprofit I work at, taking our original logo:

 And did this:

Sorry for the resolution. The original was better, but that's on the work computer.

Anyway, here are just a few other resources.

Blackbaud's Giving Tuesday page on their website is pretty good. Their main offers are a webinar series which has recordings up, and #GivingTuesday trends report going back to 2012. Part of the quality of their knowledge is because they are a founding partner with the #GivingTuesday global movement.

Network for Good also provides free #GivingTuesday resources. These, they provide straight to your inbox, once you sign up. They say you will "Get eGuides, checklists, and webinar invites sent straight to your inbox and you'll be ready for the biggest giving day of the year."

And on Razoo's #GivingTuesday resources page, even though their primary pitch is to use their platform on this giving day, steps 4 & 5 has some great guids and tips you can use, even if you don't participate in #GivingTuesday through them.

My own personal tips, based on my own homework so far?

  • Set a goal for your effort this day.
  • Make it modest and achievable.
  • Use it to kick off your whole end-of-year fundraising efforts.

That's it, hope this was helpful. Leave any tips or resources you've found helpful yourself in the comments. As well as whatever organization you might be fundraising for, that day,


P.S. Just wanted to embed a great Twitter chat #GivingTuesday had yesterday, with the #MyGivingStory hashtag. There were a lot of great nuggets shared in it.

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