Sunday, March 02, 2014

Twighlights from the Black Theatre Symposium

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So yesterday was the 1st Black Theatre Symposium at UMD's Clarice Smith Preforming Arts Center. Here's part of the description:
How does Black theatre fit into the framework of our nation’s history and culture? Who are the dominant voices in Black theatre today? What can we expect from Black theatre in the 21st century? 
This symposium will challenge assumptions about the boundaries of race and allow a diverse collective of students, scholars and professionals to engage in a spirited dialogue about the past, present and future of Black theatre.
The event was co-presented by UMD's School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies & the African Continuum Theatre Company (ACTC). Here's a clip of ACTC's Producing Artistic Director Thembi Duncan at the Symposium's welcome:

It was a really great day of dialogue, knowledge sharing, and networking. So I wanted to share some of Twitter highlights from the hundreds of tweets which paralleled the discussions happening in real life. And these are not necessarily the best, and are not in any particular order.

For more of the tweets from the day, I've Storify'ed a more (but not completely) comprehensive selection here, Tweets from the 1st Black Theatre Symposium.

Just some other interesting links which popped up by Google'ing "Black Theatre":
So I'm very excited!! Still processing a lot of yesterday, especially as someone of mixed race (my dad's Black and my mom's Filipino). And very much looking forward to continuing the conversation and next year's Symposium.

Have any thoughts, regardless of whether you are black or not, involved in theatre or not? Please share in the comments below,

JR aka Nexus

P.S. If you are on Twitter, +Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center created a Twitter list, Black Theatre Symposium.

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